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What is Space Pollution?

The technology that has developed as a result of the work of humanity has brought with it many benefits, as well as important problems for human life. One of these serious problems is space pollution. Space pollution is the pollution caused by all kinds of vehicles produced by humans for use in research related to astronomy , circulating around our planet in a dysfunctional manner .

Space pollution has become an even more serious problem in the last half century. In the past, there were natural remains in space that were formed outside of human influence. These remnants are comets, asteroids, meteorites, etc. were objects. Thanks to the developing technology, humanity began to observe the increase and change in the debris and remains in space. This change is largely due to rockets and their parts, old satellites, unused space probes, etc., produced by humans and sent into space. vehicles cause. In addition, these objects circulating around the world move very fast and pose a danger to the spacecraft sent for new research.

Causes of Space Pollution

Space pollution has both natural and human causes. Naturally occurring pollution is caused by star fragments, meteorites and asteroids. The wastes generated as a result of human activities, on the other hand, are satellites and space probes, rockets, manned or unmanned space research vehicles, weapons, garbage left to space by space vehicles and similar objects accumulated in space and orbit. In addition to these, very serious debris and residues are formed in all kinds of small and large accidents, such as the collision of meteorites and spacecraft, that occur in space and cause pollution.

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What Measures Can Be Taken to Reduce Space Pollution

Since technological tools that create pollution in space are made of very durable materials, they are not affected by space pressure and can pose a danger in space without disappearing for a long time. Some pieces of debris in space can fall back to earth. This situation puts the lives of many living things, including humans, at risk. In addition, they cause many economic losses, because the costs of the produced spacecraft and the energy used in the production phase are very high, and the destruction of these vehicles brings serious financial losses.

In order to minimize all these harmful effects and to eliminate them as much as possible, people and countries take various measures. For example, some organizations produce various tools to collect polluting residues. Others try to prevent possible collision situations with orbiting satellites and spacecraft by changing the direction of movement of the debris or completely destroying them with the help of powerful lasers. Another work is the design of a vehicle that will collect the remains and then return to the world and destroy them in a designated safe zone, but not yet this and so on. adequate results could not be obtained from the studies.

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