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The science of astronomy is a science that deals with space and objects that have attracted the attention of people for centuries.

What Does a Object Mean in Astronomy?

There are many concepts and areas related to these concepts in astronomical science. The object is used to refer to all the planets, stars and everything else that exists in space.

Objects are very diverse in astronomical science. Some of them can be seen. For example, like the sun and the moon. Some objects can only be observed with a telescope.

What is the Astronomy Branch Examining Objects?

In the science of astronomy, the field that studies the celestial bodies is called Morphology.

Morphology examines the structure and properties of objects in astronomy . These objects; Stars like the sun, planets like Earth, satellites like the Moon, and billions more celestial bodies like meteorites. The number of objects that astronomy has studied is infinite.

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What is a System?

In astronomy, the large structures formed by the combination of objects are called systems. There are tens of hundreds of objects in a system. As an example, the Solar System, in which the Earth is located, can be said.

Within the Solar System, there are 8 planets called Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and a celestial body called Pluto. Pluto has been abandoned in the planetary category as a result of research conducted in recent years.

Is Astronomy an Ancient Science?

Yes, the science of astronomy has attracted the attention of scientists since ancient times. Observations of the sky were previously made with the naked eye. Then, technology was developed that made these observations easy.

People’s dreams of exploring space and then going into space have advanced a lot. A lot of work has been done on this subject.

Today, many observation vehicles, manned or unmanned, are sent to space. The study of objects in space, understanding astronomical rules, and the exploration effort of infinite size space, is perhaps the greatest adventure of man.

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Are There Alive Bodies in Space?

This question always occupies people’s minds. When asked whether there are other forms of life in space, scientists are generally positive. Because space is an eternity and we cannot be the only living celestial body in this infinity.

This view leads scientists to the search for living things in objects in space. First of all, we examine our own solar system from this perspective. In time, we are trying to expand this search to very distant systems.

Human is a creature with a sense of wonder. The biggest curiosity is space. For this reason, the science of astronomy, the objects and systems studied by this science are very important. As long as people exist on this subject, they will continue to do research. He will dream. For this reason, astronomy will always be the most interesting branch of science for man.

We see a lot of fiction about the science of astronomy in movies and books. Even if this is a product of human imagination, perhaps the reality of many similar ones will emerge in the next centuries. Dreaming is the preliminary step of scientific work. We dream first and then look for its reality.

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