Tesla Provides Autonomous Driving For Cars

Tesla began to offer a new driverless system in its vehicles with Hardware 9 (HW3) with full autonomous control. Hardware 3 also had to provide fully autonomous driving, but it is not yet clear what it means by fully autonomous driving (will the driver or vehicle go from one point to another?). 

New Chip

According to Teslarati reports, the chip in the new system will significantly improve performance by helping the integrated computer perform much more calculations per second, scan the surrounding areas quickly, and help improve, for example, make important decisions.

In the news after Tesla Model 3, autopilot driver camera recordings show that the model was moving towards the barrier last week and that this is not the first evidence of autopilot behavior.

Events So Far

Elon Musk tweeted in October 2018 and promised that the new chip would have to replace only one computer with an autopilot and would be provided free of charge to customers who had previously ordered a fully automated driver. In February, Musk said in a podcast speech that Tesla cars could get you into the parking lot and take you to your destination without interference.

But so far, all the functions of the autopilot allow drivers to easily get off the steering wheel on a motorway for a short time, change lanes, switch from one motorway to another, and leave. It may also park or leave the garage, depending on the autopilot package chosen by the customer.

New hardware and updated software features suspected of existing Tesla owners will appear. US executives will need time and a complex approval process for these fully automatic updates.

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