Scientists Plan To Produce Hot Tomatoes

Tomatoes are sliced to produce a bitter taste, according to a scientific study published in the Journal of Plant Science Trends last month. This substance, known as capsaicinoid, also gives pepper pain. The popularity of tomatoes has led to the emergence of a separate sector and the opening of millions of companies producing tomato products in the world. 

As the number of companies in this sector increases competition, companies are intensively looking for innovation. One of these studies was recently published in Plant Science in Trends. A published study says that tomatoes are a great way to make capsaicinoid that gives peppers a bitter taste. And they plan to try.

Hot Tomatoes And Nervous System

Capsaicin is actually a mammal irritant and gives a burning sensation while eating. But the benefits are also quite high. It protects pathogens, is used as analgesics and has an analgesic effect in autoimmune diseases such as nervous system and arthritis.

Studies have shown that tomato has a number of genes that allow the continuous production of this molecule. Although this is not an easy process, another product can be added to the creative bitter range from spicy Oreo chicken wings to Tabasco whiskey. In addition to suffering sufferers, the impact of research on practical life should not be ignored. 

Capsaicinoids are not present in pepper at a constant rate as they are rapidly affected by agricultural practices and environmental factors. At this stage, the fact that tomatoes act as a reliable producer and carrier of capsaicin can give us the taste we enjoy and the benefits it brings.

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